That was the weirdest dream ever

Do you ever have those dreams were you kick your feet out and you feel like you are falling? Do you ever have ones were someone is chasing you? I don’t know if it was the turkey on thanks giving but I had a double whammy dream where I was falling but then was also being chased by a guy with a knife in a local plumbing store we have in town. No one seemed to want to help me but it ended well with me seeing what my dream house would look like. Man, I really think I need to lay off the wine coolers before bed. Dreams can be glorious to so scary you wake up in a sweat. Over the years there have been many people who have tried to interpret what dreams mean, but in the end there are so many theories it’s hard to say.

The types of dreams that have been keeping me up at night and making my head spin are the ones about the future. They are the ones that hold promise and make you want to write them all down and start planning them. When I was working as a Children’s Director at a church my partner and I would have some pretty awesome ideas for events and fundraisers. We would start to plan them out but then they would consume our thoughts to the point that when blessed sleep was supposed to come, it would be hindered by all the ideas and plans that went into the planning we were doing. It would get to the point that if the ideas were not written down almost immediately there was no hope in any sleep coming. These are the best types of dreams, they are the ones that come true with hard work and dedication. Dreams are just ideas that are waiting to come to fruition. Over the years the different dreams that I have had for myself and my family have changed, some have been forgotten, and others were just not very realistic and so they were dismissed. I love that I still dream though, I have not allowed what is going on around me to hinder my ability to see that there is still so much hope for the future.

Dreams have a way of taking over the moment. They can only be pushed to the back of your mind for so long before they pop to the front and stay until something is done. I am currently working on getting trained in Hospice and Palliative care for animals. It will be a rewarding job for sure but, it goes beyond the job and into what can be done for the clients and patients. I really love to figure out ways of doing things “outside the box” and I really love to dream big when it comes to all of the opportunities down the road. I know in my town there is a lack of support and knowledge for clients trying to deal with the health of their beloved pets and that is where I want to step in and guide them. This dream is big, it is scary, and it requires that I have good relationships with the veterinarians in this town. It requires the ability to be humble but confident. It means I will have to be patient and know that I will go through hard times with clients, but there will be victories too. It will mean putting my heart on my sleeve and going all in, and I think this scares me the most. I also know that when I really believe in something, it is hard to get me to sway from it. It is one of my positive faults. I pray daily that my dream is one that will work, and I am working hard to be as ready for it as I can be.

What dreams do you have? Do they keep you up at night? What is holding you back from achieving them? I really do believe that hard work and dedication can make dreams come true, but also deciding if a dream that you have had is realistic. You could have a dream of being the next best chef but if you burn water making noodles, that may not be realistic. You could dream of leaving your current job because you are bored with it but find that’s not realistic if what you are leaving will make life harder for you in the future, but if leaving your current job means that you are more at peace and happier than the future will work itself out. If your dream is to get out of debt, then it will require self control and saying no to having 50 different pairs of black shoes. They should inspire and make you want to take action. So I say don’t hold back, dream big, set goals and try. If you don’t succeed, you can walk away knowing you have learned something. Dreaming big doesn’t mean success, but it does mean you will grow, and I hope you do. Until next time:

If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there’s no way around doing the work it takes to get you there.

Joyce Chapman

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