What Do I Know

I know what I know

I couple of months ago I did a list of things I know for sure, life has been going so fast in these last two months I haven’t been able to do another one till now. It’s a perfect time to do it as the Christmas music is playing, the kids are painting and creating and the hubs is helping with decorating the house for the season. The house is warm and cozy and now smells like a fresh cut tree, the baking started today and I had a great afternoon nap. The timing is perfect so here it goes:

  • There is something about Christmas music that makes me happy
  • Cold nights are perfect for snuggling close to the hubby even though the dog is persistent in getting in between us.
  • When the water cup next to the bathroom sink is not full enough for the cat to drink from she will let you know about it, loudly, doesn’t matter the time of night.
  • Sometimes as a parent you have to step back and let your kids try new things….cue the black eyeliner and Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Even when your kids act tough and that things don’t matter, when you take the time to talk with them, they’ll talk with you
  • Being scared out of your mind for your family is hard, trusting that God is in control is harder but worth it
  • Hauling a Christmas tree out of the woods through brush that is over your head makes the snow that is on that brush go down your shirt, not fun
  • When your sister calls you you call her back, no matter what, even to find out she butt dialed you
  • Letting your brain turn on in the middle of the night over something you can’t change at that moment is the perfect time to start praying.
  • Even though you may not like the video games your son plays, when he plays them with his dad it makes it all ok
  • Not being a perfectionist when your daughter wants to put the lights up on the tree is the best thing you can do.
  • Waiting for your chocolate covered cheesecake bits to freeze so that you can pop them out of the trays is really hard to do.
  • It’s really hard to hear your child talk about something that you yourself may not fully believe but you have to let them learn and grow on their own and guide as best you can
  • You know it is Christmas when you walk into stores at Halloween time and smell the pinecones infused with cinnamon
  • It is always fun to make some hot cocoa put it in travel mugs for the family and go search for Christmas lights.
  • When you work at a vet office the Christmas season is the worst time to try and loose weight.
  • See’s candy is by far the best candy
  • Doing a Ugly Sweater Run with your family is a fun thing to do especially if afterwards you have to stop at different picture spots around town to take pictures and post on Facebook for prizes
  • Covid-19 might put a hitch in the holiday festivities but keeping your cool, finding a fun festive mask to wear and knowing you are doing your part to keep the numbers low is important
  • Getting out in the cold to exercise makes your body work harder, first to keep up with the exercise you are doing but also to warm you up afterwards thus burning more calories.
  • I have realized that a few years the minimum low temp of 12 degrees would be the lowest I would allow for exercising outside, now if it is below 32 degrees I am crawling back in bed with the excuse it’s too cold outside.
  • It’s always a good idea to smile at someone
  • When the season gets the better of you, step back and remember the true reason for celebrating the holiday and know that Jesus would want you to rest rather than stress
  • Candlelight services are my favorite services and I can’t help not crying

Once again I could keep going and going, because I really do love just sitting here and writing out what I know. So what do you know to be true? Does this season cause you to seek rest or do you find yourself so stressed you don’t know where to look? Is there a favorite part of this season you have? I would love to hear what you know for sure. Shoot me a comment, and know I love to hear from you. Until next time:

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given;  And the government will be upon His shoulder.  And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Isaiah 9:6

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