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What’s Your Environment?

Our environments say a lot about who we are. Our “heart environments” do as well. How awesome would it be if what we exude into the world brings joy, happiness and love?

Enjoying Along the Way

I love the small moments, the ones that you don’t necessarily think about until you realize they are the ones that made your day. It can be an excited puppy, to a conversation with someone special, when you let them in, they change your world.

If Only…

Our “if onlys” could help us change the world around us. We could use them for growth for encouraging and for loving others. How we use them will define how we see ourselves, thus defining how we treat people. We must love, like we are loved.

Winner or Loser

Choosing teams can be so difficult especially as a kid that really wants to when the event. As adults we still want to win but the teams we deal with now, deal with who we let into our lives or not. The choices made now can affect for much longer.

What’s in a Name?

What is your name? Does it give you a purpose, a value? We should know that the worth we have is in our ability to see ourselves as worthy. When we allow people to look down on us, our value is taken away from us. It’s like not being known by our name

Help or Hurt

Our words and actions have the ability to help or hurt the people we meet. Imagine what they can do to the people we already know and engage with. Our time on this earth is short, why not do our best to treat people kindly, & encourage with our words

What Chapter are You In?

What does your story say about you? Would it impower people, encourage them and help them to be better? What about the stories around you? What influence do they have on you? When we read knowledge comes, when we get to know people the same happens.

Cloudy with Sunshine to Follow

Storms of life can break us or make us. Darkness is the same. When we seek out the light and share it with others our storms and the darkness that come with them can bring forth growth and change. Fight to find your light, and then share it.

That’s Not My Job

“That isn’t my job” can be such a horrible phrase unless you know that there is someone near that has the abilities and talents to do the job in the way it should be done. Then it just takes humility to step aside and let them do it. There is joy in it.

It’s Coming, I Can Smell It

There is a smell about summer that is distinct. It is of fresh mowed lawns and flowers in bloom. It’s BBQ’s and firepits. It’s sunscreen and aloe. The smells of the season can energize the soul


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