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The Reason of the Season

What’s your reason for Christmas? Is it the gift giving or the decorating? What about the worshipping using what we have right now to give. This could be time, money, or even our hearts. Christmas is so much more than the gifts, and the lights.

Party of Five

My party of five is no longer has three bundles of energy, but rather three individual personalities that still want to hang out with their parents occasionally. I will take what I can get and hopefully get as much time out of them as I can.

So Thankful!

Storms will happen and life is hard. We need to be able to find what we can control and leave the rest to pass just like the storm. Being thankful and grateful for what we do have helps in making this easier

If Mom Can’t Find It, No One Can

Mom’s have the power to find anything. Just ask the kid that lost his toy or the husband that swears he left his tool “right there on the counter”. Christ has the ability to find anyone too, the difference is we have the choice to follow once found.


We as humans are meant to be together. We support each other, convict each other and love each other. Communities can consist of one person or many just as long as strength and joy are found there the numbers don’t matter.

Love Your Neighbor

Helping others and loving our neighbors as ourselves should be an ongoing occurrence. The joy that is felt when we do this is better than any vice we use. Just as candy is sweet to a child, loving others like we love ourselves can be just as sweet

Pondering Life’s Wonders

Cats and teenagers, and teenagers are basically cats. basically the same thing. People who need a hug should find that one person who has perfected them so wonderful, it really does make a difference. Being a momma is challenging but worth it

What We Hide Behind

For some reason we like to hide. We that we have issues. We hide that we need help. Our masks may look pretty but when put under pressure they will break and our true selves will shine through. So why not be real from the get go?

Waiting Just A Little While Longer

It is so hard to wait, it means putting your life on hold for an amount of time that eventually can make you feel like you are going to go crazy. In the process of waiting processing happens. Joy seeps in and growth happens.

Life Giving Joy

Life giving joy is really what will keep us going in times that we feel there is no way. Family, friends and faith help to keep us in balance with what the world shoves in our faces. Joy is the strength we need


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