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Chose Wisely

Why do we let people get under our skin? We let their bad day, their fears, or their frustrations make us defensive. When we learn to be comfortable in our own calmness and inner joy the world has a harder time getting to us. Think on that

Second Spring, Execute Cleaning

Sometimes it is hard to get the motivation to get something done. The first step is always the hardest. I had the bright idea to spring clean. I really didn’t want to when I started but am so glad I did now that it’s done. It’s energizing!

From the Heart

Our hearts are what make us who we are. What we allow to influence our hearts is what makes us who we don’t want to be. We can’t escape the bad that is around us, but we can contribute to the grace we have so graciously been given

Alone Sometimes?

That feeling of being alone in a crowded room can be overwhelming. When is being alone due not in part of being alone but being exhausted in keeping up with the world. Where can the comfort be found when that feeling is all you have? Find who you are!

Try Something New

Trying something new can shine a light into the dark recesses of your mind that you didn’t know was dark. It can make you come alive, help you to grow and can even be just the right thing to get someone else to try something new.

To Quiet the Noise

The noise is so loud when it comes to fears, anxieties and even pain in our lives. It’s hard to hear and notice that there is a constant that wants to comfort us and show us that there is more than just the noise.

Grumbling at the DMV

Why do we allow people to get under our skin? How do we get it into our heads that we don’t need to better ourselves in subjects we feel we excel in? Grace tells us that we are not perfect. There will always be something to learn and grow from.

Fear over Joy

Our fears and anxieties hold us back from so many things. The experiences we could have if we just let go of those fears could be the experiences that change our lives. Break down the barriers and listen for the one true voice that will keep you safe.

Chess, really?

Whether it’s chess or belly dancing when you are willing to set aside your pride and learn something new just because someone you love wants you to, you will find it is worth it every time.

Mirror Image

Faith helps us to see who we are when we trust Christ to bring us through this life. Worry, fear, regrets, and the labels put on us by the world just cause us to be anxious. Christ calls us to a new way of living, one of faith, hope and love


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