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Too Many Reasons

Too Many Reasons, there are so many reasons why a dad is important. Father’s Day help us remember to thank our dads for the dad jokes, the lessons on hard work, and the reasons why we need to have integrity. Dads really are awesome!

Are You Paying But Not Showing Up?

Are You Paying But Not Showing Up? Just as it is silly to pay for a gym membership and not show up, it’s even more silly to give of your time, commitment, and peace to someone or thing that isn’t worth the value.

There Is Always Something

There Is Always Something, something that tries to hold you back. What if we pushed forward anyways? What if we decided to trust in the One that gives us rest? Oh how quickly our hunger and thirst would be satisfied

Bees and Flies

When we decide to be nice, spread joy and choose the attitudes we have, we are more like a little honeybee than the fly that chooses to stick by the decay and garbage. It’s not hard really, to choose joy, to choose to smile, but it is a choice all the same. So what do you want to be? A bee or a fly?

It Looked Sweet

It Looked Sweet, until a bruise showed up and make it taste horrible. All it took was to eat around the bruise. People are like that too, bruised and broken just trying to make it. What if we chose to see the good, the sweet?


Wildflowers pop up in the most random places. They thrive and survive bringing beauty to the area. They can also help us to see that we can thrive and survive in the environments we are in. Read on to find out how.

It’s All In The Name

It’s All In The Name, or is it?who you are depends on what you think of yourself and a lot of times what people have thought about you. It’s how you chose to deal with this truth will define you.

Oops! I Did it Again

OOPs! I Did it Again, I stressed out, and needed to be told I did something good and that I am valued. If I just listened to that still small voice I would already know of my value in Christ.

What’s In A Meeting?

How often do we meet up with people and realize this is a great thing? All too often a meeting brings up bad connotations. If we chose to enjoy the process and exhale the bad we can learn to embrace the power meetings and gatherings can hold

Happy Birth…I Mean Mother’s Day

Happy Birth…I Mean Mother’s Day. I got to share my day with my best little man’s day and we had a blast. Ok so he and his friends got to be crazy and I got to do what I love best; read. There is joy in that, and I hold on to that joy always


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