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Finally Back!

Finally Back! It’s been a long four weeks of working late, sleeping less and worrying more. The parts that are missing? Praying more, having conversations with Jesus and trusting that His will will be done.

How Do They Know?

How Do They Know? It is a great thing when you have people who know you and can tell when you are off. It’s as if God knew that you needed the people you have and they need you too

It’s Fair Time!

It’s Fair Time! We are off to the fair. We will ride the rides, eat the food and enjoy being together. What is it about the fair? It’s about bringing together the community, and in this day and age, that is needed more than anything

Joy Comes

Joy Comes even when you feel like you have lost it. The world, life, family, work, negative words can all steal joy, but only for a little bit. Joy comes in the moments, in the self worth, in the knowledge of who you are in Christ

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out. It opens up the world of my kids. Its a way to see my kid’s world though their eyes. These days won’t always be there, so I am going to enjoy them while I can.

The Act of Figuring it Out

The Act of Figuring it Out. I won’t say I am even close to figuring anything out but I am trying my best. There are times in which I wish I didn’t have so many different personalities around me but then I realized I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Well Done

Well Done, it’s so hard to not be the center of your own universe. To have tunnel vison and see that what is going on in your life is the most important. Reach out, smile, light up for someone else. Share with others, be the light

Being Mary in a Martha World

Being Mary in a Martha World, worry over worship is what Martha did, and when she got overwhelmed she pleaded to have Jesus make her sister Mary help her. Mary chose worship over worry and making where she was at the right place to be. Worshiping

Working, gentle Hands

Working, gentle Hands. The power of touch is a wonderful thing. Working with our hands, helping others is what keeps us going as a community. A hug, a gentle touch, a firm handshake all help us to feel connection with one another.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun, is the best kind of fun. It’s doing activities outside. Going to the lake, camping, hiking. It’s even more fun with family, especially when two of the five are teenage girls, who are figuring out life for themselves.


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