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It’s the Little Things

It’s in the little things that joy abounds. I recently sat down with a friend. We had good food, good conversation and without her knowing it she humbled and convicted me. It was what I needed and it helped me to see that my view needed more joy.

Sprinkle in a little Sunshine too

Have a good day, even if you have to plan it in advance. Set the date, spend the money, make the time available. We work too much, worry excessively, and make objects too important. Laughter, and joy go hand in hand, fill your heart up with both.

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye so many things can happen. You’re child becomes a teen. Summer becomes winter with no fall in between. A person ends up in the hospital while another goes home. What do you do while the blink happens? Face it head on or hide?

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