Tag: Diamond Lake Snow Tubing

Fear over Joy

Our fears and anxieties hold us back from so many things. The experiences we could have if we just let go of those fears could be the experiences that change our lives. Break down the barriers and listen for the one true voice that will keep you safe.

Sprinkle in a little Sunshine too

Have a good day, even if you have to plan it in advance. Set the date, spend the money, make the time available. We work too much, worry excessively, and make objects too important. Laughter, and joy go hand in hand, fill your heart up with both.

I Just Want To Crash And Burn

I Just Want To Crash And Burn, said no one ever, until you are on a snow packed hill carrying a tube. Then it seems like the most fun thing to do. What lights your fire and makes you say: That sounds like a lot of fun!”

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