If You Chose to Accept It

Here’s the assignment, if you chose to accept it:

You have two days and one night to do what you want for yourself. How would you spend your time? Would you have someone with you? Would you take a pet? Would you go somewhere? Would you stay inside or go outside?

When I was younger all I wanted to do was be busy. I wanted to do things with friends, be invited to events, and just do anything other than be at home doing nothing. When I lived at home this was easy because I had a great youth group, and I had friends who always seemed to want to go to the beach or somewhere close by. Living in the LA area made it easy as well to find something to do. Once I moved to college though things changed. It was in a smaller town and I had to be outgoing. Not my thing.

Now as a more “mature and older” adult my busy looks different. It is more about the job and the family than it is about doing activities with friends or going to events. Now if something comes up that I would like to go to I am all for it until the day the event happens, then I find myself hoping something will come up that makes it so I don’t have to go. Don’t get me wrong, I usually still go to whatever it is and I usually have so much fun, but the build up to it is tiring.

So what would I do if I were given this assignment? Well I know my Bible and some books would come with me. I would not be able to stay at home because I would let my mind wander to all the things that need to get done. I would plan for time outside, maybe in a kayak with my hubby right along side me. I know for my me time, something new would have to be tried. Maybe a new food or a new hike something like that. The one thing I can say for certain is I don’t want to make any decisions and only having fun and time for reading are allowed.

Mostly it would be a time for getting grounded, getting back to the person I am vs. the person I need to be in my real life. The real world will always draw you into what you need to be, what you need to do, who you need to take care of. It’s my responsibility to make sure my world is care for too. We only do so much for others when our cup is running low, or for some: empty. We can be everything for everyone. Only one person can do that: Jesus.

So I ask again, what would you do if you were given this assignment? Until next time:

Be so fiercely you that you inspire others to be themselves, too.

Samira Vivette

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One day Rae woke up and felt different. When she looked at the people around her they seemed to “shine brighter” than she did. When she finally prayed about it and asked her mom for help, she realized she didn’t know her own worth. She didn’t believe in herself and felt dim compared to others. Once she started to see she was talented and worthy her shine came back.


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