Every once in while I find a book that is not a normal book I would read, but one that helps in expanding my “happy ratings”. That’s what this latest book was. It was all about things in life that could make you smile. Some of them were odd such as “clear umbrellas. Just because the sky is grey doesn’t mean you don’t want to see it” while others talked about how humans have the capacity to be kind and that it is limitless. Why wouldn’t that make you smile? The book was a quick read, but it did what it set out to do. I smiled at most of the entries that were listed.

Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? When someone does smile it makes their whole face light up. I love when someone that looks as mean as can be turns into a beaming light when they let a smile come through. As I shared some of the entries of the book with my family members I thought about what it is that makes me smile on an average day. Here is a list that I came up with, maybe you’ll find some joy and even smile at some of them:

  • Sunflowers: Even if they are the fake ones you get from a craft store. They had to have been the poster child of happy flowers when God was creating them
  • Ice cream: Even better when your child announces that she wants to be a professional ice cream taster when she is older.
  • Driving somewhere with your favorite co-worker, knowing you’ll get some free therapy and there is no way they can get away. Devious smiles
  • What’s the longest word in the English language? Smiles——there is miles inbetween
  • Getting a text from one of your favorite people
  • Finally getting the package you have been waiting on, especially when it’s something you created yourself and get brings you joy just looking at it.
  • Finally getting closure on a problem you have been working on for months. Relief smile
  • Teenagers have a way of holding their parents in this state of shock and awe on what they’ll buy into. So when they think ahead and want to do something good for their future, you give your partner a high five and share a secret smile. Lord knows you don’t want to be cause smiling at something that they thought was a good idea, it may makes them change their minds.
  • When a 5 year old decides that the game of the night is to see who can stand up the longest after spinning for 2 minutes there is this euphoria smile that happens that is mixed with laughter and stumbling around.
  • Meeting a friend at a new restaurant and finding that the food really is good.
  • When the speedometer finally gets over the 50 mph mark after having your teen stuck in the 35-40mph rut for months. It almost makes you want to do a triumphant shout followed by a happy dance, but a small smile will suffice while in their presence.
  • When someone goes on a trip and comes back saying they have a surprise for you. That meant they thought of you while away. This warrants a warm fuzzy smile.
  • Asking your sister or brother if we are meeting for our weekly facetime/zoom visits and having them say yes!

Oh I could think of so many more reasons to smile which in itself makes me smile. When the world is getting you down, or you just need a break from life why not sit and list out what makes you smile. I bet it will lift your spirits and help you realize there is more out there than the problems you face right now. Until next time:

Be a hand that reaches out.

Be a smile for those who have no reason to smile.

Be a light for those who live in darkness


Help keep Living Joyfully a place where hope abounds and people can find ways to see the joy around them

Help keep Living Joyfully a place where hope abounds and people can find ways to see the joy around them

Help keep Living Joyfully a place where hope abounds and people can find ways to see the joy around them

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Rae’s New Shine Children’s Book

One day Rae woke up and felt different. When she looked at the people around her they seemed to “shine brighter” than she did. When she finally prayed about it and asked her mom for help, she realized she didn’t know her own worth. She didn’t believe in herself and felt dim compared to others. Once she started to see she was talented and worthy her shine came back.


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