It’s Who We Are

One thing I learned right off the bat is the more you think you know about a certain topic, you really don’t know that much. What I also learned is that if you are willing to admit this and are open to acquire more knowledge people are willing to offer up that knowledge to you. It takes a great big leap of humbleness to get to that place of admitting your “downfall” but it can be full of enlightenment. I went to a conference recently in which I shared a house with seven women. We are all at different walks of life, and we have opinions that sometimes match, and sometimes not, and due to this fact the conversations can get interesting. This is also the time, if you are good at this, in which staying quiet and just listening to what is said around you can help you to see the what it is that make people tick.

This also brings up to topic of people watching. It is so interesting to watch people as they walk by. What are they thinking? Where are they going? What causes them to have the expression they have on their face? Are they good people? When you are at this type of conference you hope that the people that are here with you are also good people only for the fact that they have jobs that require them to advocate for the pets that they care for. While I was sitting waiting for my next class to start, I had the privilege to sit with a friend who I hadn’t had the chance to talk to for a long time. In so many ways she was the same sweet person, the change that I noticed the most was the confidence she had in herself. When I first met her she was just starting out in the vet medical world and didn’t know much, just like me. Now we both have had kids, have been in the field for years, have had some of the same experiences with much different outcomes, and we have matured and grown through the life stages.

Time and experiences will really make you see what kind of person you are. I once said to someone that I feel as though I really am not a nice person because I tend to get frustrated a lot when things are done the right way. After I said that I realized that I was letting the small things get to me. That I wasn’t allowing people to be people, that I wasn’t taking into consideration that they may just be having a bad day. Then I realized further that I get frustrated at myself a lot too because I don’t give myself slack. People walk through life either trying to survive it, or thrive through it. As I learned more about the women I share the house with, and the friend I finally got to visit with, I realized that there was surviving with a bunch of thriving thrown on top. People will project to the world what they want the world to see, thus the interest in people watching, but when you get down to the heart of it’s about the why of life, and putting the importance on that. Until next time:

Caterpillars have to dissolve into a disgusting pile of goo to become butterflies.

So if you’re a mess wrapped up in blankets right now, keep going


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Rae’s New Shine Children’s Book

One day Rae woke up and felt different. When she looked at the people around her they seemed to “shine brighter” than she did. When she finally prayed about it and asked her mom for help, she realized she didn’t know her own worth. She didn’t believe in herself and felt dim compared to others. Once she started to see she was talented and worthy her shine came back.


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