Goal, Set, Gratitude!

Goal, set, gratitude! A few months ago I was talking with my oldest daughter. I told her I was thinking about writing a children’s book based on a blog post I had written (What’s Your Worth). In my mind it was going to be something that would help kids know that they have a special shine all their own, they just have to bring it out by believing in themselves. The goal was set, I had given myself until the end of the year to get it written, published and in a bookstore in town. This really was a lofty goal since I am a full time vet tech and momma of three. My free time is dictated by the amount of time I want to give to my sanity. The goal was set and my daughter was told, so there was no room for failure. In August of this year I finished my book and got it out to a company that would print it and get it on order lists for places like Barnes and Noble and Amazon to sell it. I had done it! Mostly….I wanted to get it into the local area since I knew the chances of people actually seeing it on big websites was slim.

Enter in a friend of mine that owns the local bookstore. This bookstore is the cutest place, she has hidden corners in which you can hide away to read, she has used and new books, she even has a little coffee shop so that you can stay caffeinated while enjoying the company of a good book. It was the perfect place to see if I could make something of my book. All I needed to do was work up the courage to ask her. She made this so much easier one day when she texted me saying “she did this thing”. Of course I was curious so I texted back “do tell…..”. She said she went out and got a puppy, and so after I congratulated her and set her up with the initial vet appointments, I told her that I “did a thing”. I let her know that I had written a kids book and asked if she would be willing to look it over and have it be in her store. That was so nerve wracking, it felt like I was sending my own flesh and blood child out into the world and hoping for the best. Without hesitation though she said absolutely. She even went further and said a “story time” should be set up so that I could read my book to kids in her store. I was so excited, but terrified. What if no one liked my book? What if no kids showed up to the story time?

Courage helps you do the things that seem impossible to do. I am not a natural writer, but I write a blog and I published a book. I doubt myself all of the time, and there are many days in which other people look better, seem to have their acts together, and seem to have more talent in their pinky finger than I do. If I let myself dwell on those thoughts than I would never try anything new. The story time was scheduled, I made sure the bookstore had my books to sell, I even had a very talented friend of mine make a doll based on the main character “Rae”. When I showed up on the day I was to read my book, I was nervous, but I also knew that I could do it. I was and still am so very grateful to my friend for giving me the opportunity to share my book. I had three kids show up. I read my book to those three kids. Each one got to have a copy of my book and a doll to go with it. A few days after, I received an email from a bookstore in the next town over that agreed to have my book on consignment at their store. These are small victories. Each day I need to remember the lesson that “Rae” had to learn and re-learn it myself. When we focus too much on what other people can do we miss out on the talents that we have ourselves. Do I want to write another book, yes? Do I want my current book “Rae’s New Shine” to get into more kid’s hands, yes! What I won’t do is set my worth on the success of what I do. In the end I am grateful for the challenges I take on and the lessons I learn. Fear, and anxieties won’t hold me back, and hopefully they don’t hold others back. Until next time:


Rae’s New Shine Children’s Book

One day Rae woke up and felt different. When she looked at the people around her they seemed to “shine brighter” than she did. When she finally prayed about it and asked her mom for help, she realized she didn’t know her own worth. She didn’t believe in herself and felt dim compared to others. Once she started to see she was talented and worthy her shine came back.


“my child, you don’t know your worth and that is why you are not shining as bright as you could be”-Rae’s mom (excerpt from Rae’s New Shine, by Heather Bartlett)


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