The Power of Sisters

This weekend I had the joy of going to a retreat that was set in the woods.  I was surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.  I also got the opportunity to sleep in a cabin with bunk beds that were meant for a child with bones made of rubber.  I try and joke but seriously, think boards with cushions about as soft as a board.  To be fair I didn’t go to the retreat to sleep, but to have fellowship with the ladies of the church I attend.  I was not disappointed. 

It’s amazing what can happen when you get a group of ladies together.  The different personalities shine through.  As I sat down to write this we had just gotten done with worship and a time of teaching.  The gal that spoke to us had such an amazing story to tell.  She spoke with conviction but humbleness,  knowing that she was not perfect but that with her story she could help someone make it through theirs.  “Free time” was scheduled for afterwards.  Some of the ladies started craft projects but most found other ladies and started playing games.  Let me tell you, you haven’t been to a woman’s retreat (at least at this church) without hearing laughter and yelling due to a game.  It is hilarious.  Women that are normally quiet turn loud and competitive with bunko.  Momma’s that have young kids are out having actual conversations with other ladies.  Workaholics can relax and try something new.  Teenage daughters spend time with their mommas.  Excessive food is eaten, and hikes are taken. 

The main topic this weekend was to be anchored in what you believe in.  We as women love to be in control.  If there isn’t something to control, we will make up something to control.  We run our households, we have jobs, we have kids and husbands, and for most of us we push ourselves without the thought of rest.  When a shelf is hung without the nail being secured in a stud, it can’t hold much weight and can fall.  When a ship doesn’t drop it’s anchor at the right time, it is not secure.  When we go about this world on our own we will fail.  When women get together to learn and grow in Christ, they also get together to learn and grow with each other.  This retreat taught me that that I could have reached out sooner to a gal who is going through some of the same struggles I am going through.  I learned that hard work, prayer and time can make miracles happen.  I learned that we as humans must own up to our responsibilities, and then learn and grow from them.   I also learned that if you tell an older “more mature” lady that they shouldn’t move tables without help, it only makes them want to do it more. 

We often hear that the female gender can be mean and nasty to other females, and there are times when I have seen that happen.  What I have seen more than that though, is support and love.  When push comes to shove, we support each other.  New mommas get advice from more seasoned mommas.  Grandma’s help raise grandkids.  Aunts become way cooler than moms, especially when the yellow Volkswagen bug comes out.  When someone gets hurt, support and care come out of the woodworks.  My daughter and I got to spend time together.  When I got bad news this morning,  I thought I could hide the pain I felt, but even with that, a gal I had gotten to know pulled me aside and asked if I was ok.  Women are amazing creatures, when they become “sisters” with other women, they become powerful creatures.  A force to be reckoned with, and one to be relied on.  Until next time:

You’ve survived too many storms to be bothered by raindrops


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