Letting Things Fall Into Place

Life is so much easier when all falls into place. Life is also more fun when the water balloons and the ice cream come out. We had a full week of work, vacation bible study and appointments. To say I saw my family for about an hour each day last week is an understatement. Most of the days I would get off work to head to the church to volunteer in the VBS program. By the time it ended and we got home the kids had to get to bed and I had to fall into mine. This was also the week that there were multiple late night emergencies that needed to be dealt with at the vet hospital I am a nurse at. To top it all off my kids had the various appointments (dentist, PT, haircuts and such) that they needed to get to. Between my hubby and I we get them there, but there is definitely some planning that takes place.

By the time the weekend hit, and the last of the three emergency patients went home I could finally say I was done! The vacation bible school program was an experience to be sure. I was a teacher for the youngest set (3-4 year olds) who go and go and go until they can’t and then they just stop and for some just fall asleep while leaning on someone. The program had kids all the way up to 6th grade and let me tell you, getting all of the kids into the same room and letting them dance and sing was an experience in itself. They laugh, jump and sing for as long as the music plays. It will make a long day feel worth it when you get to go and have fun with kids and act like one yourself. By Friday though, when it ended, I was a bit exhausted and couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.

My middle child had caught wind that somewhere in the house was some water balloons. A while back I had bought one of those packages of water balloons that you hook up to a hose and like 12 balloons get filled up at a time. She had come to me with a plan, and being a bit of a child at heart I was all for it. Saturday was about getting stuff done around the house so that Sunday could be our play day. We try every weekend to try and do something as a family so this adventure would be involving the balloons.

Sunday came quickly, and with church done, lunches ate we decided that going out for ice cream would get the adventure started. The plan came down to surprise. We had to keep the family inside so that we could get the balloons ready and figure a way to get them out. My son makes these kind of attacks easy in the since we just tell him to come look at something outside and he goes. He was our first victim. Once he started yelling and laughing the others in the house came out and promptly became our second and third victims. The only ones that stayed dry were the dogs. We pulled out the hoses once the balloons were all thrown, and finished off the battle with the grand finale of drenching.

Sometimes it is just fun to be a kid. Put the responsibilities off for a little while and just have fun. Eat ice cream outside, fill the pool, have a water fight, play tag, run around barefoot, have dessert before dinner. Let things fall into place, and if you need to take a nap. Adulting is hard so why not let go every once in a while and let things fall into place. Until next time:

I don’t want to adult today. I don’t even want to human today. Today, I want to Goat. Gonna eat all day and head-butt anyone who tries to stop me.


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