How Available Are You?

A few weeks ago a friend of mine texted me about having lunch. We had worked with each other for over a year and even went to a conference together. We almost share birthdays and tend to think and act almost the same. We have the same careers even. I was determined when I left the job we both worked at that I would keep in touch, and for a little bit we did. We would text mostly, and there were a couple of times we met with another friend to help her with schoolwork. Then life just started to happen. My new job started to get really busy, and his job was already busy, so it came down to texting every once in while, until one day we decided we just needed to have lunch to catch up. When went through our schedules and picked a day and time that worked well. I was excited, I don’t get to sit down with very often with friends to just visit. A few days before we were going to meet up though he had to call it off because of something with his schedule.

I have another good friend who between the two of us we have decided that we need to be spontaneous with our “dates”. She is a busy gal with a young family, and I can’t seem to settle down and just relax. So one of us will call the other and set the date, usually for the next night. This is a new phenomenon that we tried once and succeeded. The second time we wanted to get together we tried this maneuver again and it would have worked a second time, but covid happened and she had to travel. When the positive test result came back, we said we would reschedule.

Being available is a choice. When I get home from work, I don’t tend to answer texts or phone calls from people at work. I had to make the conscious choice to turn that part of my brain off. This goes for the weekend too, which I talked about in previous posts. I have to be available for my self and my family. I have to pick and chose what I want to be available for. If it’s important to me I will make time, but in reality it isn’t always that simple is it. Reading my Bible and doing devotions is important for my wellbeing but there are times that I just can’t get to my favorite chair to read. Setting down my book or phone to listen and be present with my kids and my hubby is so very important to me, but there are nights when I get home and all I can think to do is go “brain dead” on my phone. My sister and I make it a point weekly to meet up in the morning. It is such an important time for us, but there are times when I can’t make it or she is traveling and we have to reschedule.

My well being is important to me, so I show up 2 to 3 times weekly to workout, this means doing some sets that are not comfortable and cause me to sweat just a little bit more than I am used to but I do it, so that I can be healthy and more stable. My job is important to me but the extent of my availability stretches me to grow in my confidence in the job I do. If I didn’t find these things important I wouldn’t make the effort to show up. When I have excuses for not showing up, or I find ways to be busy I don’t want to be available. Throughout history there are stories upon stories of people that decided to be available, and because of that choice history was made. When it is important do you show up or find ways to not be present? Do people count on you? Are you present or do you find ways to “lay low”? How available are you? Until next time:

Think like Tarzan: When he was swinging from vine to vine, he didn’t look to the vines behind him, he focused on the vine he had to grab next so he wouldn’t fall.

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