A Whole New Year

As is tradition in our home (at least in the last few years when the kids cared enough to mandate it) we stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. My hubby, the dogs and I really struggled with the late night waiting of the ball to drop but we did it. We are creatures of habit for sure, so when 10pm hit both of the dogs gave me the “it’s time for bed” look and then proceeded to walk back and forth from my room to the living room to make it known they were serious. My kids on the other hand were more than happy to be up and then stay up only because that one of the silly things pre-teens/teens do. We all know they need sleep but the concept is lost to them until you try waking them in the morning for something and your head is ripped from your neck.

This past year is luckily in the past. Not that it was a bad year. It actually wasn’t half bad. I was able to leave one part time job to make the other part time job a full time one. We had college graduations, beloved pastors and family members go to be with the Lord, we had trips to other states, school go back to normal schedules, new additions to the family by way of a furry little hamster. We had lows and highs, during the year, some that rocked me to my core while others sent my heart soaring. Our lives are meant to be an adventure.

While visiting my in-laws for Christmas they had a snow storm that was not a welcomed event. The area they live in doesn’t normally get snow and when it does it is usually the heavy wet stuff that turns slippery on the roads and causes branches to break from trees. It was so beautiful though. It made trees look magically and communities look like what you would see in pictures. My son could not wait to go play in it with the cousins and the dogs. My hubby couldn’t wait to shovel it off the driveway (he wasn’t excited really, it was a way to have peace and quiet from a loud house). I am one that would rather be warm than cold so I enjoyed it from the comfort of couch under a warm blanket.

This year (only being a couple days old) is promising to fill the snow order. We need it badly so this is a very good thing. I am excited to see what this year holds. I say this at the beginning of each year and it’s true. There are so many things to look forward to. I have stopped doing new year resolutions years ago. They don’t seem to serve much of a purpose other than to make a person feel bad if they don’t accomplish it. Goals should be set at anytime of the year. Entering into the new year is exciting, don’t get me wrong. I always get the feeling it’s like a clean slate, a new notebook. The anticipation of what can happen this year puts a little skip in my step.

My goals though have stayed consistent. Be a good person, get into the Bible daily, live as much of a healthy lifestyle as I can, guide my kids and love them through their rough spots, love my husband, enjoy the ride of life, see the beauty in the world around me, don’t watch the news, read good books, find an adventure. I also have the goals to work on that are not as glamourous: stop judging myself, stop with the negative self talk, don’t expect perfection from myself and others, take time to rest, don’t automatically criticize someone’s decisions if they are different than what you would do, be more open to possibilities.

You can’t fit these into a “new year’s resolution”. These must be ongoing goals that become habits. So instead of a resolution, a Bible verse to live by, a quote to memorize, a new hobby to try. This last year did have some trying times. Times that I should have found peace with reading the Bible and praying. The problem is my faith was hit, all things that I found natural with my faith suddenly made me question parts of it, and I still struggle with this. So I “started over” with just simple devotions in the morning, and I found a ring. It’s a simple ring but it has a mustard seed integrated into it. It’s a simple reminder to me that all I need is faith as small as a mustard seed. God will take care of the rest. There are days when I felt that is all I had, and I know there will be days this year where I will feel that again. The Bible tells me though with even that amount of faith I can move mountains.

This year will hold ups and downs, goods and bads. Every year does. That is where the adventure lies. The two options you have are to embrace it or stick your head in the sand. I plan to embrace it, because that is what I am driven to do. Until next time:

...."because you have so little faith.  Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to there and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you".  (Jesus speaking to His disciples)  Matthew17: 20-21

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