Snow Perspective

We woke up this morning with some white stuff on the ground. Normally this is not unusual in the town we live in, but we are visiting family in a place that gets a lot of rain, not snow. It is still very beautiful, and peaceful, and serene as it falls from the heavens. It’s the perfect time to set down in front of the big picture windows and write.

As I sit here, in the other room my hubby and his dad are talking about the various passes that people have to drive over that have snow on them. My mother in law has already been in contact with the people at her church about if church will be cancelled today due to the 3-4 inches that have fallen. Security cameras have been looked at to see how bad it is coming down in our home town. The word “snow-megetton” is even being thrown around since snow hasn’t been seen at least in this town for a few years and it was such a heavy snow that tree branches fell and people had damage to their homes.

Kids got the joy of waking up this morning to a white morning. There will be a day of snow man making, snow ball throwing, and dads reminding them of how much driveway space there is for them to shovel. Snow has a special way of hyper driving the energy levels of kids and dogs alike. I don’t think I have seen my dogs zoom around as fast as they do in the snow. When the cousins come, and they will come and epic snowball war will happen.

When my hubby and I first moved to the town we live in, I hadn’t been around snow really at all. I didn’t drive well in it. I never really had to shovel it, and walking around in it was a new and dangerous experience in itself. I managed to find the joy in the unknown with experiences. Tim would have me stand under a big tree, he would kick it and all the snow from higher up would fall all around. On my way to the car one morning I learned that ice is not very forgiving. At the time we had a two wheel drive vehicle that we learned to drive in deep snow. I admit that I thought about snowlike my in-laws think about snow today. It’s pretty but lets cancel everything and stay home. I admit, as I look out the window I am thinking, thinking ”this isn’t so bad”, but I have way more experience now with snow now. My perspective has definitely changed, but with that change has also come respect for the white stuff and for the knowledge of how it can be difficult to get around for some people.

We have a beautIful winter wonderland outside. It is cold, it is wet, and it is going to be fun for the kids and the dogs. I am sure at some point when us adults stop fretting and worrying about the snow, we will see the magic of snowmen, and snowball fights and get out with the kids and play. Imagine if we played first before worried? This morning, I enjoyed before planning. I sat down with my Spark ( in hand and watched the snow fall. I got the dogs ready and threw them outside so that they could wrestle and zoom. The kids got their snow clothes on and ran out with them. The in-laws settled in for a quiet day at home.

I love that we each have our own experiences in life. They make us who we are. I would hope that because of the experiences we will grow and learn and not be fearful and hide. My perspective will never be the same as someone elses, but it will form me to be the person I am becoming. I hope that this Christmas season was joyful for those reading this. I am excited for the upcoming year and the adventures to be had. For the moment though, I have a snowman to build. Until next time:

When it snows, you have two choices shovel or make snow angels


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