Why do I hurt?

You guys! I hurt and I mean in the I worked out too much and didn’t realize I did too much kind of way. I did my normal workout routine yesterday but had to add in a walk halfway through my day with three dogs we have at the clinic. Not really a big deal since I had my daughter there helping me but these dogs are trained sled dogs. They are young and they are strong. I had two dogs while the smaller one was walked separately. After a days worth of work and the extra walk it made for a tiring day in which I thought for sure I would crash from. Instead I was tired enough that I didn’t actually sleep that well, so today I was significantly more tired. Don’t get me wrong I love to work out, I love to push the limits of what my body can do and I thought that I listen to my body, but yesterday it didn’t tell me much of anything until I realized I was not moving as well as I should.

So when my hubby and I took our dogs for a walk there was a protest coming from the leg region. It was more of a scream that mellowed into a yell that moved into my whole body talking. I had heard a while ago that chocolate milk is wonderful for helping with sore muscles. Not sure I believe it since my body still feels the same but I got to have a yummy drink to try it out. I resorted to Tylenol and a lot of water.

No pain, no gain right? Exercising for me is a release. There are days when work is a bit more stressful. There are days when the family just doesn’t get along. There are days in which I don’t feel like myself without getting a workout in. Walking can only do so much. When there is a challenge to try something new, or get to a heavier weight the drive is what pushes me to go further. The outcome is more confidence and a stronger body and system. It drives me to want to be healthier for myself so then I can be there longer for my family.

Christmas is right around the corner. We are travelling to be around loved ones. We are trying to beat the storm that is threatening to come. We have planning and waiting. We have a bit of stress that comes with the unknown. I know for me I will release some stress by getting some movement in. I will challenge my body and work out the kinks of the last few days. Some people eat their way through stress, while others work more. I push my body to it’s limits and that means there are days where even the slightest movements hurt. The endorphins are worth it though. I am happier and more content. This Christmas season try and remember that we celebrate because of a birth that ultimately will save us from all of our pains and sorrows. Find your outlet to get through any stressors that come but enjoy the times you have with your loved ones. Until next time:

I will beat her.

I will train harder, I will eat cleaner

I know her weaknesses, I know her strengths. I have lost to her before

But not this time, she is going down

I have the advantage because I know her well

She is the Old Me

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