How Important Is It?

While on our walk this morning my hubby and I were talking about our youngest and how he can remember everything there is to remember about Fortnite even to the extent when the next big event will be and what he’ll have to do to make sure he has his computer time scheduled to be there for it. It’s an amazing thing how the brain works, even better how the memory works. Last night our youngest had his chore of the dishes to do. This job includes wiping down the counters, stove, and making sure that all of the dishes are collected and washed. This morning when we got back from our walk, and our son got up for the day, we had him wash the counters, stove and collect the dirty dishes that were missed from the night before.

Selective memory at it’s best. The dishes were not important to him and so they did not get done completely. Even threatening to take away some of his allowance didn’t change the fact that the chore is still not getting finished. It’s not just him that has the selective memory or hearing for that matter. Most people will do what is the highest priority to them first especially when it benefits them. I have learned the hard way when someone doesn’t see it as important they will do what they can to stall or find a way not to do what it is that is asked of them. Sadly this leaves the tasks for others to do.

This past week it was very difficult for me to get motivated to do my workouts. It’s not that I didn’t want to do them. I actually feel better after they are done, but it was the motivation to set up my mat, get the weights out and turn on the app I use. I had some nights that had been a bit more restless, and days where I doubted the job I was doing. That leaked into the activities I held in high importance. I was tired, but in a worn down type of way, I was allowing the worry that usually resides in the back of my mind to come to the surface, and I was letting the way others act get in the way of my joy. You guys, I really get a lot of joy out of working out. There is a routine call the flamingo in which you do Yoga moves all using one leg at a time. There is a lot of balance that goes into this routine, and a lot of strength required from each leg. It is a challenge, it’s rewarding when you can get through the whole routine without falling (I almost made it through one time), and it’s one that if you really get into it makes you realize how cool your body really is.

I could have chosen to just sit around until I had to go to work. I could have taken a break from working out for the week. I had to evaluate how important the time I used for working out was to me. Was it worth it to give it up? My priority had to be on keeping myself normalized so that I could face the abnormal around me. Devotions, working out, intermitted fasting, and reading books all keep me grounded. My family and my work are a normal part of my life but it’s the crazy part. I wouldn’t change it but by doing my activities that are about me, I can face the ones that include me.

The Christmas season is here. This is the first week of December and it has been declared by my middle daughter that now we can actually start talking about Christmas. The lights have already been put up, and in some homes the tree has too. The poor delivery guys are gearing up for all of the packages that need to be delivered. All I can think about is, what is important to me in this holiday season? What is my priority and do I have a selective memory/hearing problem? I can feel the rush of trying to get the shopping done (though every January I pledge to start my shopping for Christmas early). I can feel the anticipation of what the work Christmas parties will be like. I can hope that my kids will remember that the real reason for the Christmas season is Christ, and I can chose to pound it into their heads or show them in the actions I show them. I look forward to the Christmas Eve services at church just so that I can sing/cry my way through Silent Night while holding a battery operated candle.

How important is it to take care of yourself? Very! How important is it to do your job and do it well, whether it’s dishes or surgery? So very important. How important is it to show love through actions and words? As important as it is to breathe. Until next time:

So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

Marillyn Monroe

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