Made to be Broken

Oh the weekend! I love when I get to Saturday. All week long, it’s go, go, go. We wake up early and go to bed late. Saturday though, we sleep in and take our time to get going for the day. It’s something to look forward to for sure. When it’s all said and done though, it’s about the routine.

Morning routines are what set us up for the day. In our home the hubby and I head out early every morning to take the dogs for a walk. When the alarm goes off the dogs know. They wake up, stretch and excitedly anticipate the journey ahead. Of course since they sleep with us, this means that not only did the alarm wake us up but the dogs movements as well. I am not sure anyone can sleep through that. We mix up where we go on our walks but I am sure the dogs know the way even without us. The coffee has a timer, the bed always gets made when we get home from the walk. Even the kids have a routine for the weekdays. It’s when the routine gets shifted that the day gets out of control

But the weekends! It is so nice to get out of the normal. We can have plans, or not. We can chose to sit on the couch all day watching the rain while reading a book, or plan an outing with the family that keeps us away from the house all day. It’s having the freedom to do what we would like to do. My favorite part of the weekends though is the quiet time. The girls sleep in usually and Tyler does his own thing, the time is mine. Since the hubby has perfected the coupon shopping thing he does his morning shopping sprees to stock us up for the week. So it’s me time. I love getting the devotions done, reading the Bible, talking with God (I really should do that more often). I love reading my books and writing about the random thoughts that pop in my head.

It’s at these moments that I can prepare for the day. On this past Saturday, it was raining outside, so I plopped down in my favorite chair to catch up on the week. I sent out emails, got our budget updated and there were many attempts from the dogs (some that were successful) to get me to play with them. My neighbor texted, and even the hubby and I talked about the schedule for the upcoming week. All things that are hard to get accomplished throughout the week.

In a house with loud people, and animals, with a job that is a constant go, it is so important for me to have the quiet. I can be me, and let down the constant go mentality to just be me. There is so much thrown at me during the craziness of the week if I didn’t have the weekends to unwind I don’t think I would keep my sanity.

And so as I sat and did what I did, I got myself ready for the day. As the girls woke and the hubby left to shop I was ready. I was grounded, I was focused on what the days ahead had for me. Amazing how productive that made me, and it was fun! I was able to take the pumpkins and make pumpkin puree for the bread my sweet son wanted. Added bonus: pumpkin seeds! I made snacks for the week and when it was time for dinner I was on a roll and that got done too. My kids had a day to just do what they wanted to do, and my hubby was able to clean up the yard of all the fall leaves before the wet weather set in. Routines are nice, but they are made to be broken when needed. Weekends definitely fall into the “when needed” category. So I say break the routine, ground yourself, enjoy the things around you and bask in the joy of the moment. Until next time:

If you want to be HAPPY, you have to be happy on purpose. When you wake up in the morning, you can’t just wait to see what kind of day you’ll have. You have to decide what kind of day you’ll have.

Joel Osteen

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