The Laughter

It was quiet and calm before you guys came home!

My daughter, son and I went to church tonight and left my hubby and other daughter at home to do whatever it is they decided to do. When we got home the level of energy and noise grew a few octaves and Tim made sure we knew it was because we came home. This only meant he had to listen a bit more intently to the game he was playing. I am ok with that.

Major and minor disturbances happen all the time in our lives, we just have to figure out how to deal with them. Right before church started I looked down at my wedding ring and noticed one of the side diamonds fell out. I did a little freak out in my mind as I told my daughter that I needed to head back to the bathroom to see if I could find the gem. Just short of crawling around on the bathroom floor I decided that it would be futile, the gem was small and I couldn’t say if I lost it while in the car or walking to the front of the church, the bathroom or the sanctuary. Even Tabby looked at me and said “mom, I think it’s a lost cause”. I knew it was but I didn’t want to admit it. I also knew that if I kept thinking about the loss of the diamond I would miss out on the worship and the Bible study to follow. The diamond would be replaced but the time spent with the Lord couldn’t be.

As we headed home, the kids talked as I once again let myself get lost in the moment that at that very moment my kids were not fighting and they were actually having a conversation. Charlie our perpetual puppy met us at the door with a toy in the mouth and a whip of a tail going crazy. She even squints when she pretzels herself and slaps her face with the tail of death. Cue the laughter. Charlie and Leah my middle child don’t get along really well. Leah could look at Tabby wrong and Charlie will feel the need to come to her rescue. So when Charlie allowed Leah to grab a hold of the rope toy and they started to play tug of war we all took notice. This wasn’t just a simple one time game, they were all out pulling against each other and Leah at least a few times was able to drag Charlie across the floor, only to drag Leah back to where the carpet is and the traction is greater. Tabby tried to join in but it was truly a game between Leah and Charlie. Jorj tried to join in but with the lack of rope and Leah screaming and laughing that her hand was going to get bit off he didn’t try too hard. The game finally ended when Leah gave in to her hand hurting from holding the rope toy so tightly. Charlie looked on smugly with the toy being held down by her paw. Charlie 1, Leah 0.

Charlie gloating with her toy, Jorj sadly looking on

The best part: the laughter. Leah was laughing, Tabby was laughing and I of course had to join in. These girls deal with seriousness way too much. The roles they play at school and at home are quite the load to bear. All too often they have to be careful of what they say, how they say it, what they wear, how they wear it and if the kid behind them on the bus approves of all of this. They are both so unique and yet the same in what they have to go up against each day. They find ways to laugh with each other though, and they have a secret code/language for each other. They stand up for each other, the best thing is they can find their giggles still like they did as kids. It might be a bit more rough now, at this very moment they Leah is sitting on Tabby telling her she just needs to suffer as they share the picture Leah just took of Charlie.

Charlie the perpetual puppy

A good hearty ‘chuckle the kind that makes your stomach hurt can be soothing for the soul. Listening to your loved ones laugh can make your heart soar. Joy comes from laughter too. When the people around you feel secure enough to laugh with you or around you, there is joy. Charlie our puppy is skittish at times, she needs a confident person to be her person and she thrives with our Jorj dog being the strong, mellow type. Laughter is contagious and healing. I forget the stress when I am in the moments joy and chuckles. Finding the joy, will bring peace, strength and the moments of laughter can abound. Until next time:

Always find a reason to laugh. It might not add years to your life, but surely will add life to your years.

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