Finally Back!

Oh how I have missed you!

Four weeks ago, Wednesday afternoon, I was looking at my schedule for the rest of the day and thought, Yes! I will be able to go home at a decent time and I will be able to get to the midweek church service. By 4:30 all that changed with a phone call. A dog in need needed to have surgery to help save his life. This was crunch time and something had to be done. The owners wanted to do whatever could be done to save their beloved pet. The surgery lasted two hours from start to finish and by the time we were done the day was longer than the hours I normally sleep at night. The next day brought another emergency surgery for a little cat that had fallen out of a tree.

The next Wednesday was the same song and dance, once again hopeful to get home at a decent hour, another animal needed help. After a surgery to fix a wound that a barbed wire created the dog was able to go home that same night but it was after normal business hours. By the time we all went home I was humbly acknowledging that my Spark drink that I have every morning would possibly have to be doubled up just so that I could make it through the coming day.

This last week brought yet another pet that was in need of emergency surgery. I absolutely love my job. I love that I get to be the nurse that helps a beloved pet wake up after a surgery. I love that I get to snuggle a pet close when they feel scared. I love being a part of a team that brings comfort, brings health, brings relief to animals and their parents. I would not trade my job for any other job. It does come with sacrifices, sleep is one of them. As I was leaving work yesterday (yet another Wednesday) the doctor and I barely missed another emergency. Luckily for this sweet little dog her owners were quick to see there was a problem and acted accordingly. Lets just say dark chocolate and little dogs do not go hand in hand. By the time the little pooch left our hospital she was a little more black (thank you activated charcoal), she had fluids to help her stay hydrated and she had a dad who was more than happy to throw away any other dark chocolate in his house.

I got to go to church last night though! I got to hear about Isaac and Rebekah, and how with prayer and belief things happen. I was able to sit with my daughter and have my son go to the children’s service. Dinner with the family happened and I was able to sit on the couch and have the cat come say “Hi!” I was able to sit with my girls in the living room, listen to my hubby fix the shoes that should have been thrown away already. I was able to watch as my son did everything in his power to stall cleaning his room. I finally got to be there! I have been struggling lately with not knowing what to say or do when I am confronted with something. I think I am listening more with what people say than what God says. I think I have put my efforts more in my work and family than with my faith and my conversations with God. I plan on changing that, day by day, effort by effort. I am finally back! Until next time:

A house divided against itself will not stand. Jesus knows our thoughts, our hearts. Don’t harden your heart, we are who we hang out with, what we read, what we listen to, what we buy into.

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