Just Keep Moving

Well this wasn’t what I planned

This last week started out strong, I went to work, came home, and repeated the next day. I work at two different vet hospitals and love to be at both, though there are certain days of the week that I don’t like as much as others. Believe it or not, Mondays are one of my favorites. They are busy from people waiting to bring their pets in from the weekend which is ok because I work with some pretty amazing people. The team on Mondays knows how to get along, we anticipate each others next moves and the banter that goes on even with the doctors is pretty fun. The team atmosphere makes the day run smoothly and we have fun in the process. Tuesdays on the other had are a completely different story. It is the same amount of work, but the team dynamic is completely different. We have to compensate for people that don’t have the same teamwork mentality, and the overall atmosphere is somewhat forced if you know what I mean. It really does make for a longer day even though both days were just as busy.

The rest of the week is with the second hospital that I work with. The overall feel of the place is completely different from the first hospital. We enjoy each other’s company and have to completely rely on each other to do our 100% because if that doesn’t happen the client and the patient suffer. At the second hospital it is still a team effort, it’s just the team is way smaller, but the workload is about the same as the first hospital. The mentality really is to just keep moving forward. To say I get more out of what I do with the second hospital is an understatement. It’s not that I don’t feel accomplished at the first one, it’s just that I am relied on more at the second. It wasn’t felt as much until the inevitable happened on Thursday night. We had a long day Wednesday, and Thursday was looking to be the same. I had some morning appointments that had gone smoothly, but I was also in charge of answering the phones, which I had gotten behind on. My coworker Mary saw I needed help and she jumped in. When we were coming close to being done for the day, our doctor called us saying that she just found out she had a secondary exposure to someone whose spose was positive for Covid-19. Our normal protocol is to call on the upcoming appointments and let the clients know this information so that they can determine if they want to keep their appointment. While we were in the process of doing this I found out that a week before that I was a primary contact with someone that had just gotten her results back, so that meant I needed to go home and quarantine and get tested the next day.

To say this threw a hitch in the routine is an understatement. I did my due diligence and got tested the next day. I then called and cancelled life (at least in work and activities) for the next few days so that I could stay home and play it safe. Though I have no symptoms, and I wear my mask constantly and wash my hands I don’t want to take any chances, so I just keep moving forward. At the end of the day, I am thankful that though my family and I will take a hit financially we will be ok. I am thankful that I still can taste the yummy cheesecake bites I made last week. I am thankful that I am not sick and that I have been proactive in my health and remain active and eat well including taking vitamins and minerals. Friday is normally a very busy day at work. Because I wasn’t there to help and three other people were not there either the team had to work three times as hard as normal. I wish I could have changed that for them, but I am thankful that I could do my part from home, answering phone calls, working on bills and taking payments.

Today I would have been doing my normal job at the other vet hospital. I won’t be there and I wonder if my absence will be felt? I play my part, but I also know it is a bigger team and they can compensate for one person not being there. I am looking forward to my forced vacation, I will get to spend it with my family. I will get to get caught up on all those little chores that seem to always be there but never seem to get done. I will get to enjoy the peacefulness of weather outside without having to brave the elements. I will do these things because I can, but also because I should. Sometimes I really do think God throws a kink in the schedule because he knows we need to slow down, and he patiently waits for us to see we need to slow down but then decides for us to slow us down because we stubbornly refuse to do it ourselves. There is joy in knowing that God is my patient, loving father who will take matters into his own hands when he sees that his daughter isn’t going to do it herself. I am thankful that he cares for me like that, and I know he cares for you too. Until next time:

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.

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