The Future is Yours

It is what you make it

Change isn’t always easy and most of us know that. We get comfortable in our surroundings and we justify to ourselves how we can stay where we are because it “really isn’t that bad”. But what we are really doing is making excuses for not wanting to do the hard thing of moving forward into the inevitable change. When 2020 started we were comfortable with what we had going on for the most part. We had just gotten through the holidays, our New Year’s resolutions were still fresh in our minds, and the stores were already gearing up for the Valentine’s holiday. It was all routine. Then we start hearing about this weird illness that had spread through China and from there our lives changed.

Fast forward to the present: the second week of December. Our lives are still changed, most of us are wearing masks, the restaurants are back to take out only, people are adjusting and we are still moving forward. Change has a way of making or breaking us, it’s how we choose to deal with what we are given. one of the things I love to do is read, I can spend all day curled up with a book and have tried a couple of times to do it but my family tends to want my attention. One of the books I read dealt with this guy who had a lot of money, a big family and he knew lots of important people. He was one of those guys that everyone liked and seemed to succeed in all that he did. What was most significant about his guy was how he responded when something bad happened. First it was his son not wanting to follow in his footsteps and go into the family business, then his daughter decided to move across the country to pursue her dream of being an artist, to finally having a cancer scare with his wife. Though these events didn’t all happen at the same time, they were close enough to cause the toughest to break. This guy, though not perfect leaned not on himself but instead on his faith and gained strength from his family and friends. He could have easily fallen into pit of self destruction, but saw that all that was in front of him was out of his hands.

Even when the change we face is something we want and will benefit us, there is still that fear that resides in the back of our brains that says, ,maybe just maybe we should stay where we are at because it’s safe. Growth doesn’t happen where it’s safe though, it takes risk, and determination, and the will to make something better. So as I sit here and think about the last three weeks of 2020, I know 2021 will bring a lot of new experiences, new challenges and even risks, but I know they will be the things that strengthen my faith, and my family. I look back at what 2020 gave us and see that even though it was with some kicking and screaming I was strengthened by all the craziness that happened. I know others were as well. It’s what change does, it changes us. So how do we deal with it? That is what will show our true colors. Until next time:

Love where you are at, because at the moment it is the most important place you can be

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