Lazy Mornings

Do I really have to get up?

I know it’s morning because the furnace is turning on to heat the house to a balmy 65 degrees. I know that I need to get up but the alarm has been purposely been turned off this morning because other than obligations later this afternoon I have no other reason to get up. So I roll over and go back to sleep as my foot warmer Jorj gets comfortable again digging his elbows into the side of my foot. I know that I have fallen asleep for a little while longer because when I do decide to fully wake up my loving husband tells me I sound like a motorcycle revving my engines when I snore. I don’t care much though because I am still in bed and there is no one asking me to do anything, and it is wonderful……for a little bit and then I start to get bored. I mean really, I don’t understand just sitting or laying still for a long time, I try and try to talk myself into staying away from the now waking up rest of the house but I can’t. So I get up get my Spark made, take my vitamins and give the ever present pep talk to my mirror image about enjoying my day to the fullest.

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My house is not a quiet house in the least. It is full of active, talkative people. My son is 9 years old and loves his momma, Fortnite and candy. Every morning I get a hug from him but this morning on top of the hug I got into a conversation with him about mud. We were talking about having to get some snow boots because God decided to grace us with a mild snow fall. Tyler’s boots have mud on them, for no other reason than he is a boy and the mud was calling to him to walk through. So as we talked about mud, we were also simultaneously talking about the new microwave, the house falling down if the microwave wasn’t attached properly, if I would rather die or eat only butter for a 6 days, and about what we are getting his dad and sister for their upcoming birthdays. I should have thought a little harder about staying in bed. My daughters are a little less talkative in the morning but not by much. Tabby found out that her Amazon wish list was given to her aunt and grandparents which got her thinking and worrying about her cousins seeing the list because it has some animae characters on the list that are weird looking. She then asked why her dad would compare her schooling with his schooling, since she is in high school and he is in collage? While this conversation is going on her brother is attacking one of his teddy bears by jumping from the couch on top of the bear. I really should have thought about staying in bed.

As Tyler decides to go play outside in the 2 inches of snow, the house once again starts to get calm and quiet. My Spark is starting to set in, my brain has been forced into waking up so I am now ready for the day with nothing to do. Bliss! Lazy mornings are few and far between, and most of the time they have to be scheduled into a calendar just for them to happen. I am glad that it is just a lazy morning though, I don’t know if a full day would be something I could do. Do you ever have that? Where you get to a point of not wanting to just be “lazy”? There are so many things to do in a day, and so though my morning started off slow and “relaxing” I can’t wait for the day to get going. I love the first snowfall, it doesn’t seem to last but it is the door opening to the best times of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not fond of the cold, but the silence that comes with snow is peaceful. The snow even a little covers the dead leaves of fall and moves us into a time of new beginnings. November and December are literally the only two months that I bake. I love to get out the recipes and start baking all of the holiday treats. Snow reminds me that we will be seeing family again soon for the holidays. It means that we will get to have decorations put up, and the ever present smells of cinnamon and pine needles will welcome us home each time we leave.

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My lazy morning turned into winter clothes shopping with the kids and finally getting the outside of the house prepped and ready for the upcoming snow storms that are bound to happen. The Jorj dog got walked and even the floors got swept and mopped (thanks Leah). This day turned into a day of productivity and time with the family. The lazy morning got the day started off right, and it will end with a lazy evening with a bowl of chicken dumpling soup and a good book while snuggled into my blanket. Who says slowing down even for a little bit is bad? Not me, that is for sure. Taking the time to just be when the rest of your life is go, go, go is probably the best thing you can do for yourself, so even if you have to plan a lazy morning in your calendar, plan it and enjoy! Until next time:

In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just being

Eckhart Tolle

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