Based On A Feeling

How do you know?

Feelings are such powerful things. They can change the way a day goes, a conversation, even decisions, and the funny thing they are so fickle it’s hard to say trust them. But then we do, the gut feeling we have that might be telling us not to do something. The butterflies that pop up right before you are going to do something that makes you nervous. That weird kind of “off” feeling you get when someone that you are close to is not doing well. The happy feeling you get when you see someone or something that is special to you. That “hangry” feeling you get when you know you should have eaten but decided not to so people are now avoiding you. That wonderful feeling you get when you have helped someone. With so many feelings floating around us how can we actually make a rational decision? The feelings have to be incorporated into the process, but not allowed to take over it.

One night I came home from work and I could just sense that everyone at the house needed a break from each other. One daughter was in her room, the other was quietly sitting on the couch with earphones in and my son was secluded in his room playing a video game. My husband was making dinner which smelled so yummy but was dampened by the stress that could be felt throughout the house. I think the only one that had a smile on his face was Jorj my dog. School had been kind of rough for the girls and my son had forgotten to do his chores. My husband had started up school again too and was trying to get ahead in some of his classes but the professors were making it difficult because they kept adding on assignments. So I walked into this after a long day. We all just needed to step back and wind down. The emotions were high and the outlets were low. So after dinner I suggested that we take Jorj for a walk. Nothing special, except it got us out of the house. The girls could take Jorj at a faster pace and talk more with each other. Tim, Tyler and I could be a little bit slower which allowed Tyler to tell me about his day and Tim could quietly walk and sort out his thoughts. It was the break our emotions and feelings needed.

eggs with emotions, child laughing, family taking a hike with their dog

On a lighter note, belly jiggling, bent over laughter. The kind where you feel like you have done a full cardio workout from laughing so hard. These moments are so refreshing because afterwards your spirits are lifted and your heart is singing. The best thing about these moments is that they can be caused by just about anything. One day at work we had been going at top notch speeds trying to keep up with the amount of animals coming in. It was one of those days where you put your head down and you keep moving forward. Until little “Princess” came in, she was the classic case of too much human love in the way of treats and her weight proved it. She had been brought in because she was licking her butt (well at least she tried to as much as she could) and her owners thought maybe her anal glands needed to be expressed. I was the lucky tech that day that got to do the expression. Now in the vet world there are days where we try and go for distance when expressing anal glands, in this I mean when they come shooting out, how far can you shoot them and can you keep them from hitting yourself or your coworkers. Well with this particular patient she was full and my aim was off……way off. So while I was washing the anal gland fluid from my eyeball my coworkers were on the floor laughing. It was not intentional but it was what we needed. Emotions and feelings were high and that belly jiggling, bent over laughter hit the spot. Oh and “Princess” went home no worse for wear feeling so much better.

Allowing our feelings to get the better of us isn’t always a good thing. They can cause us to say things we don’t mean and make decisions we don’t want. They can also help us when we don’t realize how much we need a good laugh or even a good talk. When we choose to have a good balance of logic and emotions we become more compassionate people, more driven people. We start to see obstacles in a new light. If we add in the deeper joy even the hardest of situations are bearable. Get in tuned with what you are feeling, let the emotions come to the forefront but don’t allow yourself to just move based on your feelings and emotions. They are fleeting. Pray about what is in front of you sleep on it and when you need to express your feelings without guilt. A good laugh is just as important as a good cry. A good scream is just as important as a quiet time with a journal. We were made to feel and live, but we were also made to be rational and use our logic. Lift up those around you who need encouragement and find that joy that comes from being there for others. Shine on sister, laugh loud and cry hard. Listen to yourself and become a person of joy. Until next time:

To really find joy deep down you have to realize that life will not always be easy but looking for the good around you, inside of you and from the people close to you will make whatever comes your way doable. You were not meant to live this life alone.

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