Tap into your energy

Your body wants to move, find ways to help it go!

On average it is recommended to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in per day.  How easy that sounds on paper but how many people are actually able to get those thirty minutes in?  So many times it just seems easier to grab that second cup of joe to help get us through the day.  What does that really do for us besides give a short term boost which then is followed by a long fall down into being tired again.

A friend of mine asked me what it was that kept me going all day long? She had seen me work at two different part time jobs, come home to my hubby and kids to clean house, make dinner and just be with my family and still have time to walk the dog and exercise. I was making her feel tired with the amount of stuff I did during my day. Honestly I don’t do anything super special, I don’t have some super suit hidden under my clothes. I have found through trial and error that if I do not schedule time to be active (usually in the morning) I drag for the rest of the day. Jorj my dog loves this because he gets out and stretch his legs out as well. I also use an app called #Fiton that is amazing! It uses recorded training sessions with trainers that you then follow for the allotted times. If you are like me, I love a challenge and inviting friends to “join” you in the challenges motivates me even more.

I also like to use supplements.  I know that the foods I eat don’t always have all the nutrients I need to stay healthy and active.  I really like advocare products.  The products are high quality and really do a great job and boosting my energy with some caffeine but mainly vitamins and minerals as well as plant based ingredients.  Spark is my favorite morning drink it has caffeine but the vitamin B’s keep me going all day without the highs and lows that other energy drinks have.  I love the multivitamins for heart, muscle and overall health.  The protein powder and shakes are great for busy mornings, and the electrolyte drink Rehydrate does wonders after a workout.

Life is a lot busier now with the social distancing which seems weird to say but with the covid virus the protocols we have had to change just to stay open keeps me running. I really feel like I work for Sonic and I should ask the clients as I take their pet if they would like fries with their order. With the added amount of movement and carrying animals to keep them off the hot ground, down time and sleep have become extremely important. Getting a good nights rest helps to keep that energy up, but also doing something you love (gardening, painting, reading etc) helps your body relax. Think of it this way, if you push to get through something hard (marathon, pulling weeds, cleaning house etc) and you know that after you have done the task you can do something enjoyable, that very thing that is enjoyable seems more so if the task beforehand was challenging. For example, when I was younger my dad had us hike, not just any hikes, we would go to Yosemite and every other day we would do a hike. The Mist Trail would be one, it’s hard but not too hard, then the Mirror Lake trail which was more of a half day walk where we would take our lunch and play in Mirror Lake once we got there, but then the monster of all hikes would be the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. This one was an all day hike up hill the whole way and a part near the top was in full sun with steps made out of shale like rock. To be honest it sucked as a kid. Yes the view was worth it, but the way we (my siblings and I) got through it was knowing we would have ice cream and pizza when we got back to the valley. Doesn’t sound like much I know but I will tell you after a hike like that they were the best tasting foods out there. They were much more satisfying after having to work for them.

So how do you tap into your energy? How do you find what makes you go and then go some more? You have to start by taking care of yourself, choose to eat healthier each day. Start with one healthy meal a day for a week and build from there. Try supplements to get more nutrients and vitamins to boost your health goals and energy levels. Try to add in some exercise. It doesn’t have to be something you find hard, for instance try something like Frisbee golf, or pickle ball, see what activities you can do that you haven’t tried before. Do something each day that makes you smile, this could be adding to your garden or helping your neighbor with theirs. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Do a Bible study and work on changing your thoughts about yourself. If you fall into the trap of always going without doing things that give you joy and making time for rest you will find that you will burn out and the energy you once had has faded. Believe me I am writing this becasue I need to hear exactly what I am telling you. I have to constantly remind myself to take a break and have even had to start scheduling breaks into my calendar. Do what works for you but make the time to do it. Until next time:

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

Anthony Robbins

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