Hey That’s my Slipper!

Jorj is a special dog in so many ways.  Not only is he a feet warmer at night and an “rub his elbow into my shin” to get comfortable kind of dog, he also has a way of showing you that he misses you while you are gone. 

Jorj is my six year old beagle mix “puppy”.  He is a dork, give him a chance to play tag and he goes nuts.  Now this probably isn’t the best game to play with a dog who would run down the road if given the chance, but luckily he has calmed a little bit over the years and we have started to teach him to chase us instead so he knows to follow us.  Jorj has had a lot of changes over the last year and a half with is two “siblings” passing away, he has had to learn how to be alone in the house with our cat Lilly.  Now Lilly being a cat doesn’t really want to play, much less with Jorj and will mostly ignore him, so cue the humans to be his playmates.  Thus the slipper.

My slipper started to appear in the living room a few months ago.  At first I thought nothing of it, I would just pick it up and put it away.  Then I came home one day and found Jorj sleeping on the couch (he is not the greatest of guard dogs) with my slipper under his chin.  This melted my heart.  Both my husband and I come and go a lot during the day and the kids are busy doing their own things (bike riding, talking with friends, Fortnite) so the only way Jorj could think to stay close to us while we were gone was to grab a slipper and snuggle. I do want to say we make a lot of time for our Jorj boy, he usually gets 1-2 walks per day and is with us when we are home. We started to notice the slipper appearances when we would leave him home for a few hours.

I love the way Jorj shows his unconditional love to us, and I know we don’t deserve him as our pet. If only we as humans could learn from our furry friends how to live our lives. I would be all over taking a nap on the couch, and not care who comes in the house unless they don’t come over to say hi to me once they close the door. Last year when my hubby was gone for a few months I would wear his flannel as much as I could just because it smelled like him, that and his slipper was kind of stinky. Kissing and snuggling is always a good thing to do whether it’s with your significant other, your kids, or even when your pet in whom you are learning how to do all these things. Getting outside to play or even go on a walk will lift your spirits and once again if you take your pet it’s a win, win.

Ahhh the simpler things in life, to only be responsible for loving your family, eating your food, playing fetch, making sure the kids can sneak food to you under the table, and keeping your human’s feet warm. A pet really doesn’t care what the next post is on Facebook, or if the next president is Biden or Trump, he/she just wants to be close to his people and when he can’t be snuggle with something that smells like them. I think I should stay home for the next week or so and study my dog Jorj, I could call it professional enlightenment since I am a vet tech. Maybe then I will become the type of person my dog thinks I am. Until next time:

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. 

Alfred A. Montapert


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