Top 10 ways to get ready for summer

Summer is right around the corner and I for one am so excited to have it come. Summer means sunshine, and fire pits and camping by the lake. It means getting home projects done, starting that garden and water slides for the kids. In my town, once school lets out people seem to never be home and most of the time I wonder if they even go to work or if they are on a semi-permanent summer vacation. Summer may mean hot days but that also means the coolness of nights, having fun with friends by the pool with the BBQ going and the cooler stocked. It might be the vitamin D that people soak up but summer just seems to melt away the blues and gets people active. So while we are waiting for the official first day of summer to hit (June 20) here are some great ways to get prepared for the glorious bliss that is coming:

  1. Shop the sales. Memorial Day seems to be the unofficial official kick off to summer. We have an unwritten rule here in my town that you don’t plant anything in the ground until after Memorial Day. It could be because that’s when the stores stock up on plants or that fact we tend to get that last storm that blasts us when below freezing temps that damages the newly planted perennials. Stores will put patio furniture on sale as well as plants, garden decor and supplies. Shop local if you can, since it is always better to support the mom and pop shops before you head to the name brand locations. undefined
  2. Make up your “honey do list” and see what you can get done before summer fully sets in. The good intentions are there to get the list done when you “have more time” but I guarantee you that when the lake calls the list will be left in the dust. undefined
  3. Get out those summer clothes and replace what is needing to be replaced, get those heavy, winter worn clothes put into storage. By doing this there will be a lot more room for that fun summer wardrobe. Just remember black socks DO NOT go with shorts and sandals. undefined
  4. Get the camping gear out and inspect it. Make sure it is ready to go so that you can go on your grand adventures. Whether you are a tent camper, or a trailer camper getting all your gear inspected and ready to go will help you be ready to go for that weekend camping trip.undefined
  5. Get stocked up on s’mores supplies. You can never have too many s’mores whether you use Hershey bars, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, or Heath Bars, the sandwich of candy, marshmallows and graham crackers makes a bone fire come to life (at least for kids) undefined
  6. You still have time to get your version of a “summer body” Get out in the morning when it’s cooler and take a walk or even a run. Go to the gym or use one of many great workout apps and do a workout or two at home. Get to a level of healthy that makes you want to show off what you have accomplished.
  7. Get in touch with the friends, and make plans with them. When tend to think we have more time than we do, especially when summer comes. There are approximately 12-16 weekends in the summer which seems like a lot until they start to fill up an we wonder where the time went. Why not fill up your free times with the people you love to be around? undefined
  8. Insect replant, sunscreen and allergy medications. No one wants to be stuck inside because they didn’t have one of these undefined
  9. Get your furry friend ready for the next camping trip. Get him/her caught up on vaccines including the Leptosporosis vaccine and the Lymes vaccine. If you live in areas that may have rattlesnakes you can get the rattlesnake vaccine, just know that if your pet hasn’t had one of these before it will have to be boosted 3 weeks after the first vaccine was given. You might also want to look into flea and tick topical medications and heartworm prevention since heartworms are spread by mosquitos. Protecting you pet will help ensure he/she will be around for the many adventures you will have.
  10. Remember all this planning will help make your summer plans go smoother. It may seem like a lot for 3 short months, but once summer finally does hit, you’ll me thankful you were prepared for it. Until next time:


Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, life gets better……so go and enjoy

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