My pet says “thank you!”

Misery loves company, but I would much rather be around people that are happy, have a good attitude and just exude joy. Before anyone says anything, I know I just described a pet. People have it in them too, I just know it. These days it can be hard to find the good, there is a lot going on that can cause us to shrink back and hide, but I think if we just look there is a lot of good to be found. Basically if we look at the world through the lens of our pets we can’t help not seeing the good.

To test this theory out, so I set up my super scientific method: I asked the pet. Ok, so I asked the pet’s pet (the owner) for a little bit of info about their fur baby, I took a picture and I will now share them with you. What makes most of these pets a bit different is that they have to see the veterinarian/vet tech more than normal so they wanted to make sure to say “Thanks!”. These pets also wanted to make sure you get to the end of this post because they wanted to ask a favor from you, so let’s get started!

Every day I go to work with my momma, she is gonna be a nurse someday, but right now her and I greet you when you come in. I LOVE all the extra pets I get.

I know I heard my dad pet open the Cheeze It box.. He is a pretty good guy, he takes care of my momma who works a lot as a vet tech. They make sure I get my medicine day and night to help control my epilepsy

Hi! my name is Psycho, I used to be one of the greatest hunters but now my back and hind legs aren’t as strong and they hurt sometimes so my pet (momma) has a nice lady from the veterinary office come and give me some pets and a shot that makes me feel better. I pretend to not like the nice lady but she makes me feel better.

Sit pretty for a picture? I can do that! Sit down anywhere I can reach you, and I will force you to pet me. I don’t have any problems, I love my pets (momma and dad)and all my fur siblings. Did I tell you my momma and dad let me lay down in their garden so I can soak up the sun? They are the best-est pets ever!

I know you have a ball somewhere, I am one with the ball and can sense that it wants to play too. My pet (momma) doesn’t like me to overdo my playtime cause I have a bad knee and I sometimes don’t feel too well cause of my other medical issues. I am so glad for this play date though, so will you please throw the ball for me? I will be careful I promise!

I am as feisty as my name is long. My name is Bella Mia Papagallo and I used to be my momma’s girl but then she brought this guy into my life and now I love him so much…..not to worry momma I love you too. I just wish you wouldn’t let that vet lady trim my nails and beak.

My face might look to familiar to you, that’s because you’ve seen my snout before. Can you believe that my pets don’t even know I am a dog? What is a honey badger anyways? I wonder if I am one and I am wrong about being a dog? I am too tired to think bout this, I think I need a cat nap.

I am a flatten floofball. My pets (momma and dad) rescued me from a really bad situation. It took a lot of love a work to help me know I was safe in my new home, but once that happened life was awesome! I got to do a lot of hikes and run around. One day though I didn’t know the edge of a hill was so close (stupid sagebrush) and I fell, my pets were so scared that I died. I am so glad I didn’t but I hurt my lungs and from then on I have had a hard time catching my breath. Medicine helps though. I love to melt into a puddle of floof when I go outside, and my momma cuddles me close when I sleep on the couch.

It may seem silly that I am in a car since I do not like going outside. My name is Belle, I wasn’t feeling good one day and my pet (momma) was worried. I had to go to a place called “the clinic” where they had to poke me, but they petted me the whole time and talked nice to me. I heard them say I had “kidney disease” whatever that means, but now a nice lady comes once a week and gives me fluids in my back (boy does that feel weird) and that makes be feel a bit better and my pet feeds me special foods. So why am I in a car? The nice lady can’t see my momma right now because of some bad virus, so she takes me to her car (in my carrier) and gives me my special fluids there and then she lets me explore a little before I go back to my momma.

I am the luckiest doggo in the world! I have the best pets (momma and dad). I had a pretty sad and scary start in life. I was rescued from a puppy mill and when my pets came to the rescue place, they knew I was the one. When they adopted me I had to be in the car for a long time, I was still so scared so each time we stopped I tried to run away because I didn’t know what else to do. My momma and dad took real good care of me and gave me lots of love. I still get anxious and stressed sometimes and I sometimes shake and black out for a little bit (seizure) but then when I stop I feel safe because I am being held by my pets. I love them and I feel so safe with them.

Hi! I am Marcus! I started out with a not so great life, when my pet (momma) saved me and three others I felt so yucky cause I wasn’t getting fed well, my mouth hurt so bad, my momma said it smelled bad too, and I itched all over. I was only 8 months old. Since then though I have been living the good life. I am so loved and my pets (momma and dad), they take such good care of me. I don’t get around much and my eyes don’t work too well, but momma takes me to the nice vet lady and she helps me too.

I am Lulu, I am spunky and I loves to look cute for you. My pet (dad) rescued me a really long time ago. He and my other pet (momma) are so good to me, I have lots of siblings even TWO birdies. I really love everyone EXCEPT that vet lady that everyone says is nice, but I am watching her…she likes to poke me but then confuses me cause then she pets me. There is something going on here, I know it!

This is a mark of a pet. If you have ever had one of these you know you are special. There are so many, many more stories of “special needs” pets, to the point there may be a second post to keep the stories going. I can’t wait to get that one started. The pets here are so well taken care of but because of the Covid-19 pandemic some owners are not able to afford the services and medicines their pets need. In most situations the veterinary hospitals are having to change protocols and take more protective measures to keep the pets, their owners, and the vet staff safe. Because of this for the next 2 weeks anyone who purchases a “So Dog Tired I Could Take a Cat Nap” decal, will be helping pets. All of the proceeds will go into a “good sam” account at The Happy Pet Vet to help owners who can’t afford to get the care their pet needs.

I know for most of us times are tough, if you are able to help we appreciate it and you’ll get this cute decal!

So Dog Tired I Could Take a Cat Nap Decal

This fun decal can be put almost anywhere. With the purchase of this decal the proceeds will go to help owners who can't afford veterinary care due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Limited time only.


From our family to yours, thank you! We are there for your pets so that they can be there for you!

I want to say thank you to all of the veterinary professionals who go out each day to take care of pets, risking that they may too get the virus, but do all they can non the less to make sure pets go home to their families.

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  1. This was so nicely put together . We appreciate all the vets , vet techs, and staff who are working so extra hard right now to be there for Our babies.

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