So Dog-Tired you need a Cat Nap

So Dog Tired I Could Take a Cat Nap Decal

Stick this fun decal on your car, on a notebook, even on a water bottle. The sky is the limit. Choose white or black


All I want to do is take a cat nap because I am dog-tired. Cats on average sleep 18-21 hours so why do we call it cat naps when we try and take a little 30 minute nap? Most dogs seems to have bounds of energy, but when we get home from a long day at work we are dog-tired.

Dogs and cats are some of the most common pets, and for most people they are an important part of the family. They are fun to interact with, they give us a purpose, help ground us and are all around goof balls. I dare you to watch a puppy or a kitten play and not crack a smile. As a vet tech, I get to see a lot of pets. The wide range of personalities they have is amazing. I actually joke with a lot of clients that they don’t need TV all they need to do is watch their pet. So then the question again is this: Why is there the phrases dog-tired and cat naps. Well let’s dig into them and see.

So there is this guy, his name is Alfred. Now Alfred was a pretty important guy back in the day. Actually so important he sat on a throne and fought Vikings. He also had a great reputation as being merciful, level headed and really encouraged education which were part of the reasons he got to change his name to Alfred the Great. So what does this have to do with being dog-tired? There is this old tale: Alfred the Great had sons who needed to exert some of their energy into other things besides hanging around the castle. So one day Alfred had an idea, (killing two birds with one stone) why not send the boys out with the hunting dogs, whichever son could catch more of the hounds first would get to sit next to dear old dad at the dinner table (actually quite the honor back then). So off the dogs go, they are fast and are pretty good at not getting caught. Cue the boys who are probably equally used to running but are not as fast as the dogs, so when they finally did get home they would be dog-tired…oh and probably pretty filthy. Pretty fun right? So that is where the term dog-tired came from, though I would hazard to say it would probably be better to say boy-tired but that doesn’t sound as good huh? This actually sounds like a good exercise routine, especially now with those who have kids. Ok Fido, you go chase that animal over there and I’ll send Sally out in a bit to see if she can catch you…….ANNNNNNNDDDDDD GO! Winner gets dinner tonight. Ok maybe not.

So what’s up then with the term cat nap? The story behind this term isn’t as “fun” as the dog-tire story but it is still interesting. Cats have this thing where sleeping is a big part of their lives. It’s kind of like filling the tank for the long haul drive, without the long or the haul since they sleep for 15-21 hours a day. Sleeping is a relative term though, they actually doze more than sleep and position themselves to be able to get spring into action at a moments notice. Try that they next time you decide to take a nap and you “spring” into action when that ice cream truck comes. Cats in general conserve energy, they are physiologically wired to be a predator and love to pounce and creep, it just happens to be more in the wee hours of the night that it happens. Experts say that cats like to be around us humans but I would put a BIG “IF” after that statement and say, yes they do like to be around us humans if we do as they say and when they say to do it. We are after all their servants right?

Dogs and cats are amazing creatures. In my previous post Top 10 Ways Pets Help Keep You Grounded, I go over some of the ways they help us humans out. Aside from grounding us though, they march to the beat of their own tune, they are goofballs that find the fun in simple things. They are demanding, they love to snuggle and man do they know the importance of sleep.

During this time of uncertainty why not take our cues from our pets. Take a cat nap, pounce on a new project or hobby. Find things to do around the house, play with your kids, try something new, set a new goal. Whatever you do, do it so that at the end of the day you are dog-tired. Until next time:

Need help understanding what to do with social distancing and being home? Ask your pets, they are experts.

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